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Ports and terminals are gigantic operational systems and require robust IT infrastructure to manage them effectively & efficiently. The need of the hour is a system that manages and optimizes the processes and the resources of a terminal such as the containers, container handling equipment and trucks from a single source. Raytex has worked with our partners and clients to build a system that is developed on a robust cloud-based platform to provide real-time operational control over the port and terminal operations.


Technologies that are used to provide robust solutions & platforms

Cargo Station

The Cargo Station (CS) module not only enables the automation of typical CS operations but also extends CS to provide full 3rd party logistics services.

Track & Trace

The track & trace features enable only authorized container operators to monitor the status of the containers, keeping in view the security aspect.

Gate Management System

Gate Management System (GMS) manages and automates the gate procedures of the container terminals. Every object moving in and out of the terminal is recorded separately in the system.


Intuitive and analytical dashboards give data backed insights and is completely customizable. Configure date and time to view Average turn time, status and all-important KPI’s for tracking.

Event alerts & notifications

System provides proactive notifications about business exceptions on the app and web portal; which gives the ability to track the delivery life cycle of a truck with real-time notifications that can be set up based on the process requirements for different scenarios.

Monitor Performance

Efficient cargo movement strategies can be provided at the right time by tightly monitoring and tracking performance on a real-time basis.

Benefits to bank on

Streamline and digitize your daily port and terminal operations

Aids Efficiency at Ports

By improving the number of containers & vessels handled by considering the cost of operations.

Reduces Port Congestion

By aiding faster movement of cargo & containers to and from vessels.

Improves Security

By reducing exposure to data on a need-to know basis.

Expands Load Capacity

By clearing vessels faster for loading and unloading of goods, it allows for higher numbers to be processed each day.

Reduces Port Downtime

By comprehensive and robust technological systems and improved monitoring systems.


Delivering technology-based solutions for Port & Terminal Operators

We come with deep technology expertise for ports and terminal management. We can help you go to market faster and achieve operational efficiency with our proven track record in delivering custom solutions for your ports and terminal operations. Our domain knowledge and technology prowess can help deliver faster implementation cycles for scaling your operations.


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Client Case studies

Our strategic technology solutions and services have enabled solve many business challenges for our clients. Read our case studies to understand how we partner with our clients in bringing about this transformation.

TFNSW (Transport for new south wales)

What issue, challenge, or pain point did the client want you to address?

Transport for New South Wales had issues with traffic congestion outside Sydney port, where in the trucks were getting queued up waiting to be serviced. The people in Sydney were also being affected by traffic congestion.

Why did they have this problem?

The problem started when more and more trucking companies (truckers) registered with TfNSW and started shipping their containers. As TfNSW had only three terminal operators servicing the trucks the problem of congestion occurred.

What were your client’s expected outcomes from working with a vendor to solve their stated problem?

The client expectation was to reduce traffic congestion and simulate rules and regulations to be followed by terminal operators and trucking companies.

Why did they engage your organization to help?

As Advent had expertise in providing solution for marine logistics, they had given the opportunity to create a solution for fix their problems.

How did you approach the challenge?

The challenge here was to make trucking companies and terminal operators adhere rules and regulations in a smooth and seamless manner.

How was your client involved in this stage?

The client was informed about the solution and came up with rules and regulations that all the respective parties should adhere.

What was the solution?

Advent used all their expertise and came up with a solution to evaluate which party is at fault based on the rules and regulations set by TfNSW and levied penalties to the concerned parties. Respective parties were supposed to give arrival information and servicing information of each truck. Advent used this information to evaluate who is at fault, either a trucking company for coming in early or the terminal for calling the trucker early.

What was the timeline?

The planning/ designing and developing was completed within 12 months.

Did your solution solve the client’s stated problem or accomplish their objective(s)?

Yes, the client’s problem of traffic congestion was reduced and thus making life easy for all parties.

What benefits did your client see because of your work immediately?

Because of our solution of applying penalties, trucking companies realized their mistakes and started coming in only at their scheduled times.

What benefits should your client see because of your work over time?

As trucking companies and terminal operators where following the rules and regulation set by TfNSW, the traffic congestion was reduced.

Finally, would your client agree that you solved their problem or helped them achieve their intended goal?


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