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Over the past decade, application delivery has shifted from being large-scale, project-based, system implementations and follow-on maintenance paradigm to more a continuous evolution of applications. This trend has come to be known as, DevOps, and makes it possible for bringing together business, development and operational teams to work together. By bringing together the development process and the IT operations, this paradigm drastically reduces the software development lifecycle. At the same time, with the sharing of best practices, tools and feedback in real-time and it allows for the continuous evolution to take place. Development of product features, bug fixes, and frequent upgrades happen in close proximity to and close collaboration with the business objective making the end-product more consistent with the business needs.


An end-to-end automated delivery platform for more streamlined customer solutions


An in-depth understanding of the customer needs helps us draw a long-term, requirement-driven strategy that is based on an initial study of the customer and the business.


The initial customer study and strategy session formulate an ongoing process mechanism that provide the ecosystem for the development and operationalization of solutions.


Working as an extended arm of our customers, we offer continuous delivery support, manage transition and nurture organizational maturity to bring about agility.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.


Operational support for the client-facing business operations with a continuous process of development, release, test, and monitor.


Greater organizational cohesion, improved synergies and better feedback loops that aid better development and deployment of software.


Instability issues, downtime & lead time, which eventually takes down the associated costs and inefficiencies of the system to promote agility.


A collaborative work environment that helps increase flexibility, cross-functional learning and improved automation within organizations.


Why Choose Us?

We integrate a wide array of software, to enable developers to use their own preferred tools. A multi-project view, which allows them to see how changes to a different subset of products affect the overall delivery mechanism. The Raytex DevOps services cover the entire application lifecycle and can be used for any application from digital customer-facing systems to large-scale enterprise products. Our competencies include – IT strategy, in-depth industry knowledge, change management, and massive application delivery and deployment seamlessly. Each of these is essentially needed to implement a continuous delivery mechanism.


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