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In the present day, Fleet owners need complete visibility of their chassis to maximize utilization, reduce operational costs and improve delivery predictability. With the ability to easily integrate with other transportation management systems, our solution empowers you to improve your business operations in the management of chassis, equipment and chassis pool management.

We work with our partners and clients to develop solutions, which empower chassis and equipment owners to improve business operations in the management of chassis, equipment and chassis pool management. Our solution delivers visible fleet status and exception reporting to allow transportation companies to optimize their fleets and achieve a significant return on investment (ROI). The solution delivers real-time alerts on location, history, and arrival/departure details, thus helping significantly improve operational efficiency, fuel, and maintenance costs and cargo security.


Technologies that are used to provide robust solutions & platforms


Online submission of DVIR/DVER reports which aids efficiency and safe storage.

Gate Control

Automated billing & unauthorized use of chassis, reducing liabilities and losses.

Provider Management

Match trucking providers with chassis developers to easily move chassis from production to port.

Benefits to bank on

Streamline and digitize chassis management

Operations Control

Stay in control of your chassis movements and match chassis to truckers.

Security Control

Prevent unauthorized use of chassis to prevent transmission losses.

Movement Control

Automated matching of truckers for easy & hassle-free movement of chassis.

Client Case studies

Our strategic technology solutions and services have enabled us to solve many business challenges for our clients. Read our case studies to understand how we partner with our clients in bringing about this transformation.

RTT (refrigerated transport technologies/refeer watch)


What issue, challenge, or pain point did the client want you to address?

Our client was using legacy system to create appointments individually for each container, which was tedious job for them. As the scope and marine industry expanded the transportation overseas also increased. It was painful for trucking companies to create appointments for multiple Containers.

Why did they have this problem?

This was the ongoing issue but initially the movement of cargo was less but soon the numbers expanded, and client had to meet the expanding needs of the revolution in Marine Logistics.

What were your client’s expected outcomes from working with a vendor to solve their stated problem?

Client wanted to resolve the problem of trucking company of creating individual or dual appointments with terminal. Clients wanted to help trucking companies to create multiple appointments for the containers available in yards and was expecting Raytex to find the solution for there problem.

Why did they engage your organization to help?

Raytex as vendor has been working in Logistics domain past decade and has complete end to end logistics solutions, that would be the main reason to engage our organization to get solution to their current problem.

How did you approach the challenge?

As a team with domain expertise analyzed the existing problem; and then sat down with the client for their inputs, we understood to the full depth of the problem and requirements to find an exact solution.

How was your client involved in this stage?

We actively included clients during our requirement analysis also on every phase of development cycle. We also collected feedback on the product, which was a great help for us to proceed in right direction.

What was the solution?

As a solution, we provided an interface to the client called multi visit, where third party vendors or trucking companies can enter thousands of containers at given point and create appointments or prearrival on specific date, rest everything will be taken care of by the applications to handle all the validations against the containers. This resulted in trucking companies create thousands of appointments with the minimal efforts.

What was the timeline?

The complete solution took 2 months for Development and Testing. Also load testing was done to check the performance of the application.

Did your solution solve the client’s stated problem or accomplish their objective(s)?

Yes, the solution solved the problems of trucking company and clients were able to see fast container movements to and from the terminal.

What benefits did your client see because of your work immediately?

  • Traffic Congestion was reduced at terminal
  • It was easy for trucking companies to create appointment with terminal and collect the Containers.
  • As the container movements increased the profits also were increased for both clients and third-party vendors

What benefits should your client see because of your work over time?

  • As the container movements increased the profits also were increased for both clients and third-party vendors (Trucking Companies)

Finally, would your client agree that you solved their problem or helped them achieve their intended goal?

Yes, client agreed that there problem was solved and helped them to achieve their intended goal.

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