Inter-modal solutions to make logistics businesses more efficient & profitable

The success of logistics comes down to the efficiency of supply chain management. Customers’ needs are constantly changing, which means we need a supply chain that’s optimally designed to keep up and gives us end-to-end visibility at a lower operating cost. From Integrating with current systems or implementing innovative systems and tools that drive actionable analytics and data, we create a culture of continuous improvement.

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We have partnered with clients across the globe to provide Intermodal Software solutions that combine user-friendly native mobile applications for intermodal logistics operations with a powerful web application for business administration. The solution also provides end-to-end visibility of the marine supply chain. We have an automated end-to-end delivery process and the solution offers real-time updates at each stage of the transaction. As each load is picked up and delivered, data is collected and time-stamped at each point along the supply chain. This improves productivity, increases visibility, manages stock, automates cargo orders and eliminates manual paperwork.

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With the globalization of industry & commerce and increasing customer demand for innovation at a low cost, today’s cargo forwarder needs flexible and easy-to-use solutions to effectively manage their business. Our Cargo forwarder software addresses these needs with flexible, powerful and integrated solutions. Raytex is committed to developing robust software solutions at a fraction of the cost that can help companies optimize their supply chain integration. With secured multi-enterprise level integrations, the Emodal system offers the highest level of security for your data. You can eliminate manually intensive & iterative steps to have a fully automated logistics platform. It offers complete transparency and visibility into your logistics business with real-time access to cargo status from port to depot and depot to door. Make your trip to the port more efficient with an automated gate-appointment option and further simplify and secure the gate-appointment feature with an online payment facility for faster clearances.

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Online cargo management solutions

For easier, faster and cost-effective logistical businesses we deliver end-to-end solutions along with our partners and clients, that span the entire journey of the logistical chain – from the origin to the final destination. This allows the Cargo Forwarders and Trucking Companies to optimize their business such that there is improved productivity, greater efficiency, and thereby better bottom-lines and cash-flows.


  • Poor documentation leads to slower processing effecting timelines and profitability of the supply chain
  • Poor management of the supply chain causes efficiency-challenges leading to poorer response times & deliveries


  • Robust data-capture systems that take in real-time data for improved accuracy in adherence to timelines.
  • Real-time tracking mechanisms that aid identification & resolution of bottlenecks to improve efficiency.

Our Approach to Delivering Your Solutions

Our approach is to deliver the best user experience, build a technological ecosystem that is fast & reliable for web applications & mobile solutions for solving key business challenges of the education sector.

Focus on business & users

We understand that technology is built in context to business & people who run it, not the other way around.

Focus on solutions & scale

We understand that the solutions we offer have to work in real-life situations & be able to scale with the organization.

Focus on quality & assessment

We understand that quality output is what is expected of us, and a robust assessment is undertaken to deliver it.

Focus on costs & outcome

We understand that investments of time & resources come with expectations of the right outcome and we deliver it on all counts.

Focus on innovations & technologies

We understand that constant learning and improvements are key factors for business success and we stay ahead of the curve

Our Expertise

We offer end-to-end software development services with a vision to help you improve the way you do your business and service your clients. Our objective is to help you increase your ROIs, better competition standards and improve the bottom-line. This is achieved with robust IT & software solutions across – software development, software testing, and quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting and software support. Experts at fulfilling time-sensitive projects, we deliver world-class solutions within very aggressive and challenging timeframes. We are experts in the creation of dedicated centers for a number of consecutive projects, where the understanding of requirements and solution elaboration has crucial importance.

Application Development

We don’t create software solutions in isolation, we are creating solutions in context to your business requirement to deliver holistic business solutions

Management Consulting

We do a deep dive into the client’s needs & requirements to get a measure of their entire business structure guided by robust analysis & in-depth study

Mobile Application Development

Pioneering industry-specific solutions, our expert team of mobile application developers develop robust software solutions that actually work

EDI & Systems Integration

The experts in standard EDI resources we handhold organizations over to the newer technological paradigms such as Microsoft Biz Talk and direct data exchange

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Client Case studies

Our strategic technology solutions and services have enabled solve many business challenges for our clients. Read our case studies to understand how we partner with our clients in bringing about this transformation.

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