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The education sector has multiple stakeholders and each of them needs to be appraised of certain key information for the smooth functioning of the overall educational system. From educators, entrepreneurs, pupils, policymakers and parents – everyone needs to have access to certain data, at a certain time and in a certain fashion to be able to make definitive calls on the way forward.

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At Raytex we seek to bridge the gaps in the educational system from an organizational and implementation point of view. Given that educational authorities frequently collect information at every level of the sector as part of their ongoing operations it is imperative that we have data that is fool-proof, readily available and readily usable. Data includes the location of schools, condition of Infrastructure, Staff, Students, Academics. The Education management information system (EMIS) by Raytex is designed to collect and analyze data at the ground level over an extended period to improve planning, resource allocation, monitoring, policy formation, and decision-making. The EIMS improves productivity, increases efficiency, manages outcomes, automates reports generations and eliminates manual paperwork.

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We understand that technology and digital transformation mandates can vary considerably between academic institutions. We deliver outsourced IT solutions and support digital transformation roadmap irrespective of the size of your organization Our experienced professionals can plan, manage and customize solutions ranging from educational management systems to custom platforms needed in your business model. We can provide solutions for delivering the immersive learning experience for students. We can help you grow your business with custom solutions like learning management, business analytics, admissions sourcing, and management. We can work closely with your organization to improve the student experience, operational efficiency, and profitability of your organization.

Business Challenges

Currently, the education sector is blighted by a number of structural lacunae which make data is unreliable, unavailable or unusable – in either case, it is no good for the end-user. These lacunae, then creep over into the policymaking sphere, as lack of accurate data skews the planning methods and implementation matrix.


  • Information deficiency causing challenges for existing stakeholders in data analysis
  • Monitoring deficiency caused by lack of accurate data, which ends up throwing skewed trends.


  • An EMIS that accurately records data, preserves it and makes it readily available for future use
  • A school administration management system to aid decision making at the school level.

Our Approach to Delivering Your Solutions

Our approach is to deliver the best user experience, build a technological ecosystem that is fast & reliable for web applications & mobile solutions for solving key business challenges of the education sector.

Focus on business & users

We understand that technology is built in context to business & people who run it, not the other way around.

Focus on solutions & scale

We understand that the solutions we offer have to work in real-life situations & be able to scale with the organization.

Focus on quality & assessment

We understand that quality output is what is expected of us, and a robust assessment is undertaken to deliver it.

Focus on costs & outcome

We understand that investments of time & resources come with expectations of the right outcome and we deliver it on all counts.

Focus on innovations & technologies

We understand that constant learning and improvements are key factors for business success and we stay ahead of the curve

Our Expertise

We offer end-to-end software development services with a vision to help you improve the way you do your business and service your clients. Our objective is to help you increase your ROIs, better competition standards and improve the bottom-line. This is achieved with robust IT & software solutions across – software development, software testing, and quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting and software support. Experts at fulfilling time-sensitive projects, we deliver world-class solutions within very aggressive and challenging timeframes. We are experts in the creation of dedicated centers for a number of consecutive projects, where the understanding of requirements and solution elaboration has crucial importance.

Application Development

We don’t create software solutions in isolation, we are creating solutions in context to your business requirement to deliver holistic business solutions

Management Consulting

We do a deep dive into the client’s needs & requirements to get a measure of their entire business structure guided by robust analysis & in-depth study

Mobile Application Development

Pioneering industry-specific solutions, our expert team of mobile application developers develop robust software solutions that actually work

EDI & Systems Integration

The experts in standard EDI resources we handhold organizations over to the newer technological paradigms such as Microsoft Biz Talk and direct data exchange

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Client Case studies

Our strategic technology solutions and services have enabled solve many business challenges for our clients. Read our case studies to understand how we partner with our clients in bringing about this transformation.

EMIS(Education infrastructure management system)

What issue, challenge, or pain point did the client want you to address?

Public sector education is one of the key government activities in any country, with planning & statistics being the key to the success of education delivery across different sectors.

The Ministry of Education was dependent on the EDP section for all data collection and dissemination of information since there was a constant need for all departments within the Ministry. Timely reports with relevant information required by all stakeholders were lacking, affecting the projections, budgeting, service delivery at the departmental level.

Why did they have this problem?

Data collection and processing of the annual school census was based on a physical questionnaire. Thus, the data collected was fragmented, and inconsistent since it was maintained in a simple MS-Access database. Public sector education is completely dependent on the statistics department, which lacked a comprehensive enterprise system to capture, process and report. Primary reason was due to budgetary constraints and other technical short-comings.

What were your client’s expected outcomes from working with a vendor to solve their stated problem?

The ministry wanted to implement an Education Management Information System (EMIS) Enterprise Application designed to improve educational planning, organizational efficiencies, data collection and analysis, information sharing and transparency in the education sector to help meet objectives related to the Millennium Development Goals.

Why did they engage your organization to help?

The company had built the EMIS product from the ground-up. With several years of research and deep knowledge of education sector, which helped in designing a robust, scalable solution for public sector education.

How did you approach the challenge?

The EMIS is a product developed around the Education Sector Strategic Planning framework, which is a broad set of guidelines followed by Ministry of Education across the world. Unlike the private sector, public sector education has a completely different set of goals which are tied to the overall vision of the country. Each country education system is setup on different parameters, like sectors, composition etc. To provide the solution of the EMIS is configured and customized to suit the needs of the specific country. Several workshops are conducted, and a steering committee is set-up for a inception and road-map phase. Post a clear road-map is defined based on the feedback and inputs, a clear feature-set is defined as part of the configuration for necessary changes to the solution.

How was your client involved in this stage?

The client provides the resources needed for developing the roadmap, several personnel from the various department are available during this phase for example, Planning, IT, EDP, Infrastructure, Finance, Inspectorate.

What was the solution?

  • Electronically links all information (academic, educational, demographic & compliance) from all schools to the Ministry.
  • Aggregates student and staff information; school building programmes; integrates curriculum programs and academic assessment in real time.
  • Automatically provides national reports for any School, District, Province or Ministry to enhance monitoring and evaluation.
  • Informs strategic planning, assessment, analysis, evaluation, budgeting and the provision of reporting.

What was the timeline?

The complete solution delivery from inception to roll-out was a 24-month effort, including training all the stakeholders.

Did your solution solve the client’s stated problem or accomplish their objective(s)?

The EMIS solution acceptance currently covers the data entry for the physical questionnaires for all the education sectors. Multi-annual information can be cross referenced for reporting. The system has inbuilt capabilities to dynamically alter reference data pertaining to locations, school codes or lateral migrations. The system has been developed as a decentralized application, today it is accurate data can be disseminated at every level of the Ministry of Education.

What benefits did your client see because of your work immediately?

EMIS will enable to track the academic and administration information for schools at all education sector, to analyze the statistical information of the school. EMIS helps to improve the quality and effectiveness of education by empowering students, parents, and educators with real-time information, relevant assessment tools and access to educational resources.

What benefits should your client see because of your work over time?

EMIS is responsible for the promotion and use of information for policy planning and implementation, decision-making, and the monitoring and evaluation of an education system.

EMIS is a powerful analytical tool which supports multi-sector, multi-year took which has vast data analytics.

Versatile model can be deployed as Client-server, Web or Cloud.

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