flatten the curve 01


We are living in an unprecedented, and fearsome time right now. The Covid-19 virus is affecting technology companies worldwide including ours. We are scrambling to understand and adapt to our new lives: lockdown. Our employees were abruptly forced to learn how to work and take care of their families at the same time (with no escape!). Following our government’s request to keep ourselves and our country safe, we have chosen to follow order and respect the lockdown request by working remotely.

Although, our Raytex family has been pulled apart, we remain strong together online. As a leading SaaS application development company in India, our team is working diligently during these demanding times. We implemented our business continuity plan as soon as the nation was shut down. Open communication is key for our employees who normally work side-by-side. By using Microsoft Teams, Skype, and WhatsApp, we have been able to navigate through this unfamiliar “new normal”, regardless of what side of the world we are stuck on. Our teams are conducting multiple daily touchpoints through video conferencing which mimic our usual daily face to face meetings. Our DevOps Consulting and Services group has been working closely with customers across the globe to ensure there is no impact on business. Raytex being a Digital Transformation Consulting Services & Solutions provider is working relentlessly to provide all employees with necessities to work from home, including network infrastructure. Raytex’s reliable IT support team is working 24/7 to ensure that we are all able to work from home smoothly. Not only does Raytex want our employees to be comfortable working from home but have fun! In these dark times, it can be difficult to stay motivated and focus on positive things in life. Our management team is working passionately to keep our employees socially engaged; weekly online games and challenges are posted in our Raytex group!

Raytex is not only working together efficiently from home but thriving! Raytex continues to delight its customer with their digital transformation services also providing Remote Infrastructure management Services and Solutions and logistics operations software Development services. Without the long commute and traffic, our deliverables have improved, we are more productive than ever while also spending quality time with our families.