Network Security by Raytex

Computer software is prone to vulnerabilities. Bugs in software make it vulnerable, and attackers use these vulnerabilities to exploit network to get into the system. Once the vulnerability is exploited, the Organization’s valuable information can be compromised.  

Every day, new vulnerabilities are found, and we make sure that your information systems are immune to the new vulnerabilities by identifying the patches and updates to be made.  

Raytex Network Security Platform

Why Do We Need Network Security

  • Growing attacks threats and breaches

    Compliance requirements by regulators

    Reveal weaknesses of the application before going live

    Assures existing customers and prospective customers

Objectives Of Network Security Testing

We employ OWASP best practices methodology for testing web applications.

  • We use industry best practices like NIST and other methodologies to test networks for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

  • Raytex Vulnerability Assessment test scans the information systems internally or externally (based on your choice).

  • Our comprehensive vulnerability scanning methodology assures that all information systems and their services are covered for vulnerability scanning.

VAPT Report

Executive Summary
Analysis of vulnerabilities by priority
Vulnerability description, exploitation and recommendations
Strategic Next steps.

Customer Benefits

Vulnerability assessment that covers all types of information systems
Vulnerability prioritization
Vulnerability exploitation
A section on resolving the issue
Report of the findings

The findings section includes

A reference number for easy reference with screenshots
The affected item
A technical description of the issue
The risk rating and impact value